Go shopping the Jidion store that you won’t disappointed

Go shopping the Jidion store that you won’t disappointed

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1. Profile: 

Jidon Adams, also known online as JiDion, is a popular American YouTuber who specializes in vlog and prank videos. Jidon was born on December 12, 2000, making him 22 years old.

JiDion’s videos mostly feature him going to public places and playing practical jokes on the local populace. The manager Tyrone ejecting JiDion from Shoe-Palace is a running joke in the channel. JiDion’s arrival with a shoe-box marked the start of the drama.

2. Careers:

  • YouTube

Adams’ YouTube channel was launched in 2018 with a video showing him trying to sell various items at his high school. [3] In December 2021, Adams tried to ask NBA player DeMarcus Cousins for an autograph, which prompted a stadium security guard to try and break up the interaction. After remarking that the security guard was “taking [his] job too seriously,” Cousins signed Adams’ jersey. [4] For a comedy video, he crashed a Harvard University “Life Sciences” lecture in March 2022. [5][6] NBA followers also remember Jidion for feigning getting a haircut while watching a Houston Rockets game, despite the fact that he was bald.

Adams frequently works with other well-known YouTubers and Twitch streamers, particularly Adin Ross, who is based primarily on Twitch. In addition, he has worked with Kai Cenat, KSI, and Pokimane.


  • Twitch

For “extreme harassment,” Twitch permanently barred Adams in January 2022. [7] The harassment took the form of a Twitch “raid,” in which Adams directed his viewers to leave comments on another streamer’s content in the chat window. In Adams’ case, his followers bombarded Pokimane’s chat with “L ratio” spam.


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